Welcome To The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet is a creativity salon: a community gathering place to enjoy, study and produce art and culture. Aiming to bridge the traditional gap between diverse activities and art forms, we present performances, exhibits, presentations and workshops ranging across a wide swath of creative fields. We strive to serve the arts community by actively nurturing and collaborating with creative practitioners seeking a venue for their artistic development and expression.


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A series of storytelling, informal conversations, and live performances with creators and an audience. The speakers are a beautiful range of inspiring people from a former Fortune 500 consultant who quit his job and founded a company bringing clean water to the Indigenous Aeta Tribe that he was raised alongside in his native Philippines to a gay married couple who with their adopted daughter wrote a cabaret about their lives which has debuted in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and will open this fall in New York City as well as a brillant Engineer/Artist who has been a part of creating Avatar, The Pirates of the Caribbean not to mention his own beautiful artwork, with an award winning filmmaker, and an award winning street musician.This casual event is free and open to the public, it is hosted by Hugh Leeman in North Beach at the Emerald Tablet. This event allows the line between creator and audience to blend by creating informal dialogue propelled towards the profound through the power of storytelling with passion, humor, and vulnerability.

The founding idea is that when we put the creative ideas that live in our heads into the air around our heads and share these ideas with others, we begin to expand the idea of what art is and what a creator is and in that we expand the potential of what we believe we are capable of. Because at the end of the day, in the best of all of us is our ability to create. When we speak on our thoughts and feelings in an open minded environment we bring those thoughts and ideas one step closer to a tangible reality, improving not just the lives of others but our own as well.

The format:
Each creator will speak for 15 minutes on what they are creating with a focus on the backstory, what it is in their life that has influenced and inspired them to do what they are doing. At the end of the 15 minutes the host will facilitate dialogue between the speaker and the audience for 5 minutes with the focus of this dialogue being less of a question and answer session and more of a conversation to inform and ideally inspire.

The focus is what inspires your dreams and how can others be a part of that


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