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The Emerald Tablet is a creativity salon: a community gathering place to enjoy, study and produce art and culture. Aiming to bridge the traditional gap between diverse activities and art forms, we present performances, exhibits, presentations and workshops ranging across a wide swath of creative fields. We strive to serve the arts community by actively nurturing and collaborating with creative practitioners seeking a venue for their artistic development and expression.


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Simon Combing

Simon Combing


Artist Reception: February 6 2015, 6-9:30pm

In my images, my wife and the people around me are the actors, but they are not recognizable individually. They could be anyone else. During the painting process I trust in my actual instincts. It is a refuge, which not only shields from the external world but creates connection with it. I calm down, when the brush caresses the canvas, but when the paint splashes, the palette knife scratches, I break through the grip of the world with the lively expressive action of painting. On the canvas, sometimes thick oil paint mixed with bone ash or marble dust curls and cracks like the dry earth, but some areas of it left empty as if a storm had swept through it.

Tibor Simon-Mazula was born in Hungary in 1973 and has been painting for 20 years. Tibor’s works have been featured in exhibits in Europe, San Francisco, and Dubai. He has been teaching drawing, art and panting for 6 years to children and adults. While painting is his passion, Tibor has also been in director positions for graphic design and filmmaking. His short films have been screened around the world, including Budapest, Cambridge, Santorini, Tel Aviv, Vancouver, New York, San Francisco, and Dubai. Tibor is currently completing his Masters in Art at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and holds a Bachelors in Art and Mathematics at the University of Szeged, Hungary. His animatied and super8 shorts was awarded in US and Canada.

February 6th – 28th 2015
Artist Reception Friday Feb. 6th. 2015
Gallery Hours: Fri–Sat 12–5pm, and during events. Weekdays by appointment.

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