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The Emerald Tablet is a creativity salon: a community gathering place to enjoy, study and produce art and culture. Aiming to bridge the traditional gap between diverse activities and art forms, we present performances, exhibits, presentations and workshops ranging across a wide swath of creative fields. We strive to serve the arts community by actively nurturing and collaborating with creative practitioners seeking a venue for their artistic development and expression.


Spotlight on

FLOW: painting the nature of flowing water



watercolor and acrylic paintings exploring the nature of flowing water

Opening Reception: August 1 20146-10 pm


Three women explore the nature of flowing water in three different ways: Lil McGill by initiating flows of liquid paint, allowing it to behave as water does, blending, channeling into rivulets and then converging into delicious mixtures, so the essential nature of the liquid leaves its marks on the canvas in brilliant testimony.

In her studio in Grass Valley, CA, Denise Wey paints large scale canvases of her beloved Yuba River, the water’s living surface dancing with light and shadow, pockets of brilliant sunlight penetrate the water to its stony depths, letting the eye explore the mysteries beneath.

Della Heywood loves to paint water with watercolor. She paints ‘en plein aire’, trekking out to the river’s or ocean’s edge and, finding a perfect vantage point, settling in to paint. She often doesn’t move for a few hours, becoming so engrossed in the exchange between herself and nature. Water has always been her favorite subject, with its reflective surface and intriguing depths, it is always changing states … from foaming currents to mirror stillness. It is the very expression of life itself.


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