BASHIR SAKHAWARZ: Maargir the Snake Charmer

The Emerald Tablet presents Afghan poet and novelist BASHIR SAKHAWARZ, reading from his new book “Maargir The Snake Charmer”.

maargir“Maargir The Snake Charmer” narrates the poignant and passionate story of two brothers in Afghanistan, during the time of the Russian invasion…. a deeply moving story, told with uplifting humour, sears into our minds the tragedies that haunt present-day Afghanistan — the importance of Islam as a controlling force; the upheaval and destruction caused by the Russian and American wars; the rise of the Taliban and global terrorism. Bashir Sakhawarz’s writing captures the political and philosophic lyricism of the revered Afghan mystic poet, Rumi. It is the story of a society little known — passionate and bold, beautiful and erotic, courageous and daring, richly human and deeply tragic.

bashirAUTHOR BIO: Bashir Sakhawarz is an award-winning poet, a novel and short story writer. He has lived in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America and has worked for a number of international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, the Asian Development Bank, The International Red Cross and NGOS. His poetry collections include ‘The night Stories’, winner of the first prize from the Afghan Writer’s Association for poetry in 1978. His other poetry books in Persian ‘in loneliness cocoon’ and ‘Eastern Chlorophyll’ have been translated into many languages. He is an established writer and poet from Afghanistan and has published 7 books. Bashir Sakhawarz’s works have been translated into Polish, Italian, Swedish, Japanese and Arabic and he has read his works in many countries such as the USA, England, Sweden, Poland, India and Afghanistan. He has promoted international literature through the translation of ‘The Poetry and Short Stories of Afghan Writers’. Bashir Sakhawarz currently lives with his family in Geneva Switzerland.

Saturday January 26, 2013, 7 pm. Doors open at 6:30.
FREE and open to the public
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