CARNIVOROUS FLOWERS: music, films, party

Please join us for the closing reception of the fantastical group exhibit Surrealism’s Earthly Visions on Sunday, November 24th at 4pm. Oddball silent films and other assorted curio from the archives of RE/Search! Live piano improvisations by V. Vale! Hang out, admire the art and party until 7, when we’ll screen the films.

Explosive, irreverent, impossible dynamism—that is Surrealism. No one knew it better, could express it better, than poet Philip Lamantia as he did in the line we quote from Meadowlark West: “Carnivorous flowers of volcanic thought” that somehow puts desire on its sharpest edge and causes our idea of thought itself to explode red-hot lava. Ron Sakolsky says, “Surrealism must be prized for its uninhibited nature, unbounded by the reality police… it situates itself at the crossroads of desire and action, paying no attention to the stoplights of the status quo.” Read more about the exhibit here.

This is your last chance to check it out; featuring work by Penelope Rosemont, Winston Smith, Marian Wallace, Dennis Cunningham, and Beth Garon, there are enough stunning alternative realities here to transport you for good! Add Vale’s piano stylings, some delicious complimentary tapas, and cheap drinks by donation, and you’ll find yourself officiating a wonderful marriage between Sunday afternoon and evening.

Surrealism’s Earthly Visions: closing reception
Sunday November 24th 2013, 4 pm.
The Emerald Tablet, 80 Fresno St, San Francisco, CA 94133 (map)
Delicious complimentary snacks. Drinks by donation.

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