Photography Master Class with Bob Fischer

Photography Master Class with Bob Fischer

Dates: Six Sunday Afternoons, Nov. 9th – Dec. 11th 2014  2-5 pm

Cost: $125

Materials: Digital Camera and Flash Drive

Information: <> or call 415 500-2323

Signup: here

I have been a photographer for 20 years. In those twenty years I have heard the same line over and over again: How did you even see THAT (whatever that is)? Looking at the question intensely I thought, Well, why, as a photographer, do I see the things that I do, what are the stories that I want to tell in my work, and what really interests me?

The point of this class is not to teach You how to use your camera. It is to allow you to seriously think about who YOU are intrinsically, what stories or narratives are at the core of YOU and what do you want to say and if you could work on that, how could you say what you see more lucidly. Afterall, one of the purposes of art/photography is to communicate with your audience.

What this class will cover:

  • Photographing strangers
  • Decision to use or not use Photoshop to bring out the photographer’s intention
  • How to pick up strangers for photography
  • The art of anonymity and street photography
  • When to pay and not pay for models
  • Photo releases
  • Help the photographer make clearer decision on what their intention actually is and how to best achieve that intention
  • Digital photography and the various files for storage and how to produce or store an exhibition quality image or an image strictly for the net
  • Thru practice and work to teach photographers to really see more clearly, how to look, how to see, what to see, and how best to shoot to get the maximum out of their
  • Color image versus Black and white and how best to get the best quality black and white shot from a color image
  • How to see and use light to tell the story or bring out the personality of the subject by the use of shadow and light.
  • Color, blur, depth of field are tools the photographer has at hand to tell his story in a clearer way
  • General information on best way to use and understand one’s camera beyond an i-phone
  • What is a story and how does one go about telling a story thru imagery
  • The fun and Zen of street photography, how to be in the moment, and what is, what Cartier Bresson termed, the Decisive moment.
  • What makes a great portrait and how to suck the life out of your subjects including connecting with one’s model and creating an environment where one’s model is participating to create the best possible portrait.

Class will be six-week class with at least one class held in my Oakland studio with to show the rudiments of Photoshop and photo editing.

Class project: Create a photo essay of 15 images, critiqued by the class. Each photograph must be able to stand alone, but in total tells a complete story. The test: anyone randomly picked off the street and shown the essay will be able to tell you exactly what your story is.


Some examples of my work:


  • Testimonials:
    “I never thought of myself as a photographer but after traveling with Bob Fisher a very famous and recognized photographer last year that all changed! Heshowed me the incredible world of photography through his eyes and gave me the confidence and support needed to take wonderful, thought provoking photos.I’m forever indebted to him for sharing his visions of the world through the lens of his camera.”Cheryll Negrin, Petaluma, California
    “On a recent World Affairs Council trip to Iran, I met Bob Fischer (one of the 26 tour members). Almost everyone had a camera or cell phone or Ipad that they were usingto take pictures. Most were pretty obvious about quick snaps of buildings andschool children, but Bob was not. By the third day of our two week trip, I had begunwatchinghim take pictures of the people, new buildings, street scenes. As a very amateur photographer, I could see that his seemingly effortless shots were actually carefullyplanned. Unlike me, he clearly knew when to take a step back, how to frame a scene whether traffic on the street or the very varied bazaar scenes. If I asked him how or

    why he was taking a particular photo, he was very willing to explain how he knew when to take the photo. When individuals “posed” for him, he would have them turn

    a bit or move to catch better light. He would explain how or why he did this if asked. My husband had acquired a very nice Leica for the trip but unfortunately had not

    spent much time learning how to use its lenses and settings. Bob offered to show him some ways to use the camera that dealt with the extremely bright sun in some places

    and interiors of mosques. When I wanted to have my photo taken in a restaurant in Esfahan standing under an elaborate 6+ feet tall intricately worked metal picture, my

    husband took one saying that it would not come out. When I asked Bob if he would take a picture of me there, he explained to my husband about framing the picture in

    relation to the very tall item, changing the light, and having me stand at a different angle, my husband “got” it and came away with a much better picture. And, after that,

    he would ask Bob about taking a particular photo or changing a light setting. Bob seemed to instinctively know that a little information would go a long way with my

    husband and did not go off on a long lecture about this lens and that lens and varied light settings etc etc. A photo field trip with Bob would improve or enhance almost

    anyone’s picture taking abilities. We kidded that our next trip should be a photo safari with him.”

    Nancy Shivers, San Antonio, Texas


    “Greetings Bob……just a short note to let you know that we appreciated traveling with you to Iran. The trip was great and we enjoyed the wonderful group of

    people. We want to especially tell you how grateful we are for teaching me how to use my camera……I really didn’t know the capabilities of the camera….or me,

    for that matter. You were a great teacher…..I like candid people who don’t beat around the bush. Anyway, reflecting on the photos of the trip will be much more

    enjoyable now. Thank you.And…I am reading the camera instructions. You were right…..what you taught me is much more meaningful after reading the book.”

    David Maki, Duck Key, Florida

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