OOOPOPOIOOO: thereminimalist improvisations

vincenzo vasi valeria sturba  © roberto cifarelliJoin us on Sunday, October 26th at 6:00pm for a special event with OoopopoiooO: two theremin, two voices, a violin, electronics, and objects.

The project was born from the desires of Vincenzo Vasi and Valeria Sturba, to deepen their research on their own instruments, working on the interaction of timbre, melody and harmony. The variety and diversity of the other instruments used, often played in a mirror, complete the form of sound, creating “Ooopopoioo,” a mix of electronic, ambient and minimalism, immersed in free improvisation.

In the repertoire, as well as original songs, you can listen to interpretations of songs by Aphex Twin / Philip Glass, Nucleus, Ravel, Inti Illimani.

A unique opportunity to see and hear two theremin on the same stage!

Vincenzo Vasi: theremin, electric bass, voice, electronics, toys.
Valeria Sturba: theremin, violin, voice, electronics, toys.


Vincenzo Vasi – composer, singer and polyinstrumentalist with notable collaborations. Among many, Roy Paci and Mike Patton with his “Mondo Cane” project, but he’s also known as the “Wolfman” next to Vinicio Capossela, in every concert. He has been active since 1990 in the experimental music scene  whit several projects, amongst which Ella Guru, Musica nel Buio, Trio Magneto, N.O.R.M.A., Eva Kant, 66Six, Specchio Ensemble, Orchestra Spaziale, Gastronauti, Shellvibes, Etherguys, Vince Vasi QY Lunch, Switters, S.T.U.R.B.A., Tristan Honsinger Small Talk, Perfavore Sing, Corleone, OoopopoiooO, Sousaphonix…. Crossing his path with theatre, silent movies scores, musical installations, he got to partecipate to many national and international festivals. He also works as sound engineer in recording studios, costantly putting into practice a quest in the realm of sound and its diffusion. He played with Chris Cutler, Tony Coe, Butch Morris, Antonello Salis, Mirko Sabatini Tanaka Yumiko, Pierre Favre, Stefano Zorzanello, Hugo Race, Phil Minton, Michael Riessler, Eugenio Sanna, Paolo Angeli, Wolter Wierbos, Gianluca Petrella, Otomo Yoshihide, Roger Turner, Lol Coxill,  Steve Piccolo, Wang inc., Ominostanco, Scott Rosemberg, Aleksander Kolkowski, John Zorn, Alvin Curran, Jamie Saft, Luca Venitucci, Ikue Mori, Trevor Dunn, Joey Baron, Francesco Dillon, Cyro Baptista, Lukas Ligeti…

Valeria Sturba – is a young musician and composer. She plays theremin, violin, voice, electronics, looper, effects, toys. In the summer 2011 she attended Theremin Academy in Colmar, with Carolina Eyck and Thierry Frenkel. Her musical attitude spreads widely on many differents kind of popular music from songwriting and rock to tango, improvised music and electronic keeping a great inclination toward minimalism. Her main projects are: Vale and the Varlet, a duet on electropop music; S.T.U.R.B.A.  an avant-jazz trio  with Vincenzo Vasi, Pasquale Mirra and Francesco Cusa, for wich she composes original music; a solo show on her own. She has been involved in many recordings, readings, soundtrack productions and soundtracks for silent movies. Amongst the festivals where she has been playing in these last few years there are Dancity and Flussi festival in Italy, and roBOT festival where she has been playing with her solo project performance. She played also at UmbriaJazz, BergamoJazz, Aterteater, Frequenze Parallele, Spore.

You can get advance tickets by clicking here or on the image below:

Sunday October 26. Doors 5:30 pm. Show 6:00 pm.
The Emerald Tablet, 80 Fresno St, San Francisco, CA 94133 (map)
$5. Nobody turned away for lack of funds.
Delicious complimentary food. Drinks for sale.

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