THE SPIRIT SHOW: a group exhibit



Opening Reception: July 5 2014, 6-9:30pm

through July 27

Welcome to The Spirit Show, an exploration that mirrors the reflections of a group of artists as they answer the question: “What is Spirituality?”

The Spirit Show consists of a variety of individuals with varying interpretations, perhaps all pointing to the same experience. In curating this show, I have considered this experience to be the missing link of who we are in our truest nature in relation to the world and how we live in it. Our daily lives, and the sum of them up to any given point in time, has us working in careers, forming relationships, earning degrees, buying homes, raising children, retiring, etc. Yet, it is my feeling that in the course of this life path we tend to miss out on the fundamental experience of these lives we live. This is the missing link that, although ineffable in its nature, I see as the unopened door of our spiritual basis that is inherent in us all. So please join us in walking through these corridors and discover together what we find in hopes of inspiring anyone that may do so to leave inspired, realizing the door existing within themselves and further walking thru it. Welcome to the Spirit Show!

– Akira Beard

Featured artists include Yunsung Jang, Chessin Song, Michael Angelo, Chris Conroy, Della Heywood, Emiliana Henriquez, Emilee Arter, Emily Lounsbury, Zio, Mark Campbell, Neal Hilo, Christopher Jernberg, Jakob Kobrin, Jazmin Zeinal, Lucia Daprano, Dominic, Sergio Santurio, Audi, Lapo Guzzini, Romanie Sanchez Smele, and Akira Beard.

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