Under the Influence – Submissions

Under the Influence • HomeWe are always accepting submissions! Send original work that in some way reflects an influence of your choice. In other words, you choose Fyodor Dostoevsky as your influence; you send us a passage or passages of his that reflect certain characteristics of your own work, and that you would like to read at our show; you also send in your original work.

Submission rules:

  • Send a passage or passages by your influence that reflect(s) certain characteristics of your own work.
  • Send original work that reflects that influence.
  • (Optional) Introduce the parallels between your work and the work of your influence, and/or give us background as to why you’re choosing this influence.

The main thing is for us to see the things separately, side by side, to see how the influence is reflected.

Other rules:

  • Your total performance time may take but not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Submissions will be kept on file on a rolling basis. We will let you know we received your submission and will contact you again separately if/when it makes a good fit for one of our shows.

If you have any questions, do send us an email and we will happily get back to you: undertheinfluence@emtab.org.

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